Battle scars

3 09 2015


The life of a wild stallion isn’t all mares and roses. Thankfully, mustangs seem to heal ultra fast. 🙂




8 responses

3 09 2015

Ow, poor guy.

3 09 2015

Yeah. But he’ll heal!

3 09 2015
Valerie Tan

Oh, this hurts me. Who was he fighting?

3 09 2015

Probably one of the other stallions. He’s a bachelor, and they’re always looking for an “in” to get a mare.

3 09 2015

As sore as he looks now I’m sure that he will be willing to do it all over again next time.

3 09 2015

You don’t risk anything by not trying. 🙂 He’ll surely risk injury many more times. Thankfully, they DO heal quickly.

3 09 2015
Prairie girl

Yikes! That was a pretty terrifying bite!
All for a girl. Ha!
They are so tough and cute, aren’t they. 😉

4 09 2015

Ouch, tough life out there I the Basin.

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