After the rain

4 08 2015


We could hear water rushing through the meanders of Spring Creek below the hill and across the basin. Wowza. Now and then one of the horses would look up and stare across the basin toward the creek. The sound must have sounded amazing to them, too.




5 responses

4 08 2015
Prairie girl

The sweet sound of a gusher!!
Like music. 🙂

4 08 2015

So glad for rain for the horses.

8 08 2015

Fabulous! Hard to believe, but we are starting to crave some rain over here in Germany too. It has been unbelievably hot for the past weeks and everything is dry.

8 08 2015

Hope you get some rain soon, Doris! It’s no fun waiting for rain clouds, but it’s such a relief when they deliver sweet rain!

16 08 2015

Absolutely right, TJ. We did get some rain last night. Other parts of Germany had serious thunderstorms and floods, but not here. The rain came down lightly and steadily. Was about time …

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