NMA/CO fundraiser

13 07 2015

The Colorado chapter of the National Mustang Association held a fundraiser Friday night to benefit wild horses in Southwest Colorado. Held at the Sunflower Theatre in Cortez, the event featured a silent auction and the film “Roaming Wild,” after which, people could ask questions about PZP, bait trapping and other wild-horse-and-burro issues.

The place was packed. On behalf of Spring Creek Basin’s mustangs and other wild horses, on behalf of the NMA/CO board, who did an enormous amount of work for this event (in particular, executive director Tif Rodriguez), thank you to all of our wonderful donors and ticket buyers! You made our night a huge success, and you made our work for the horses easier.

NMA/CO fundraiser

NMA/CO executive director Tif Rodriguez and president David Temple welcomed people to the fundraiser event.

NMA/CO fundraiser

People started to fill the theater even before 5:30 p.m. This was a great time to catch up with old friends and make new ones. We are so thankful to everyone who attended to support our mustangs!

NMA/CO fundraiser

Many locals donated items for the silent auction. The donations were excellent, and we thank all the donors for their generosity!

Kathe Hayes arranges food at the NMA/CO fundraiser at the Sunflower Theatre in Cortez.

Kathe Hayes was in charge of food and did a fantastic job. She made some and picked some up from local eateries. She didn’t seem to have much to pack up at the end of the night!

Again, thank you so much. Our mustangs thank you! šŸ™‚



3 responses

13 07 2015
Prairie girl

Great! The event looks like it was a success.
I think it’s so important that you had a question and answer period afterwards. Very cool. I would like to see this film. Is it out on DVD yet? I’d like to add it to our Public Library collection.
BTW I’m also doing something similar at our library (where I work) in September. We will presenting the film AMERICAN MUSTANG. Have you seen it, TJ?
Thanks for all you do!

13 07 2015

Here’s the link to “Roaming WIld” – http://www.roamingwildfilm.com/ – where you can buy the DVD. When we got it, it came with a bunch of materials that helped with promotion, including a fact sheet about PZP and discussion questions. It’s really pretty balanced, but it doesn’t shy away from the problems. We liked it especially *because* of the big focus on PZP and bait trapping.

I did see “American Mustang.” Fertility control is mentioned only very briefly at the very end. The scenery is beautiful … but I think “Roaming Wild” was better, especially at offering solutions. šŸ™‚

It’s awesome that ya’ll are going to do the film showing, too!!

15 07 2015
Prairie girl

Thank you for the info. I know, that movie looks so good and like you said, elaborates on the PZP process which is so important to get out there with the public. I would like to show this film but I’ve had the American Mustang show reserved for awhile now.
TJ, would you be able to email me a PZP fact sheet? We are going to have a question and answer afterwards.
Thank you again.

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