Snack food

1 07 2015


Mmm, greasewood. Yummy!

Though prickly greasewood looks rather unappetizing to humans, the horses eat it like candy – in all seasons, even with grass at the ready.

Speaking of ready, we’re ready for monsoon season to start.




2 responses

1 07 2015

I thought Greasewood was poisonous to horses causing oxalate poisoning. How can these guys eat it? Do you also have Halogeton?

1 07 2015

That’s the first I’ve heard of greasewood being poisonous! Mustangs *and* cattle eat greasewood. Truly, the horses eat it like it’s ice cream. We do have halogeton also. It’s toxic to sheep and cattle, at least; I don’t know about horses? The horses don’t touch it, at any rate. It has come on strong this year after the spring moisture.

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