5 03 2015

Chipeta closes her eyes against the glare of sunshine on snow.

Makers of sunglasses must sell more in the state of Colorado than anywhere else on the planet. When leaving home, Coloradans make sure we have our wallet(s), our cell phone(s) and our shades.

There’s a piece of tack for just about everything known to horse-owning humankind. Dogs have doggles. Horses should have, um, horggles? Ha. OK, kidding. But check out Chipeta. She’s not napping, and she’s not blinking; her eyes are simply slitted against the glare of bright sunshine on white, white snow. What a problem to have, eh? 🙂




2 responses

5 03 2015

Horses are blessed with long (?) eyelashes and makeup (normally dark) to help against glare.

5 03 2015

Yes, but with glare like that, all the horses were doing the closed-eyes thing. I was very grateful for sunglasses!

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