1 03 2015


So rare … a day in Disappointment Valley without shadow. Even today, with clouds and snow – and no … then snow … then no – we had sunshine. And we had Shadow. And Shadow was content enough to nap, surrounded by her band.

Oh, peaceful heart.


Yes, more snow fell – on and off. It’s so warm, it melts nearly on contact with the ground.

The valley is white. There’s still quite a bit of snow; there’s a LOT of mud, which we view as the wonderful sign of moisture seeping, sinking, soaking into the thirsty earth.



4 responses

1 03 2015

Such bliss on her face. May snow continue falling until the Valley ponds are filled in preparation for summer and the meadows and mountains are lush and green with vegetation.

1 03 2015
Prairie girl

She’s just the prettiest thing, with that braided up tangled mane! My heart!

1 03 2015

Maybe we will shovel for Alternative Spring Break. 🙂

1 03 2015

So peaceful, and wild. ❤

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