After worry … happy

24 02 2015

McKenna Peak, Temple Butte and Brumley Point seen from west-of-favorite hill.

We’ve been waiting for winter all, well, winter.

Snow on McKenna Peak.

Sometimes, wishes DO come true.

Temple Butte

The entire region got snow for pretty much two solid days.

Snow-covered juniper in Spring Creek Basin.

Middle and lower Disappointment Valley got about 14 to 18 inches of snow.

If you live in Boston, you’re laughing. If you live in Southwest Colorado, you’re on your knees thanking all the gods and goddesses of nature. I’m on my knees, thankful, grateful. Relieved.

This is our summer grass, our summer ponds and creeks and rivers. This, my friends, is life in a dry land.


Welcome, winter. Thanks for the snow. 🙂



8 responses

24 02 2015
Prairie girl

Well, well, look at what fell from the sky. That’s more than you ever dreamed!
So fantastic!!
Looks like you’re not the only one on their knees! 🙂

24 02 2015

Holy snow – we’re all up to our knees walking through this snow! It’s crazy, but I’ll take every ounce of it. While it probably won’t break our drought, it’s a very welcome relief!

24 02 2015

FANTASTIC!!!!! I’m SOOOO happy for you all. You can still have our snow. 😉

24 02 2015
Lynn and Kathy

YAY!! We knew it had to come! Good ol’ Joe Diaz doesn’t know squat! 😉

24 02 2015

Lovely. May the sun melt it slowly, and then clouds drop another nice load…
(P.S. I’ve begun reading this wonderful blog from the start. What a treat!)

24 02 2015
Barbara Stagg

Woo Hoo – and more coming. Take that, Traveler darlin’

25 02 2015

Yes, more coming, starting this weekend. Perfectly wonderful. 🙂

1 03 2015

I don’t recall that much snow in my years of going to Spring Creek. I look forward to the flowers in the spring. Grasses too of course.

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