Lookin’ for snow

17 02 2015

Corona, La Sal Mountains

Corona takes in the long view on another gorgeous, bluebird Colorado day.

A little less blue and a little more *wet* would be pretty welcome.



6 responses

17 02 2015
Prairie girl

That is a spectacular image.
Such a contrast, the dry dirt, the sage with snowy peaks out yonder.
And Corona with his shaggy coat. 🙂

17 02 2015

*Her* shaggy coat. 🙂

17 02 2015

Hi TJ, Is this fellow any relation to Corona of SWB?

17 02 2015

She’s his daughter. 🙂 Her mother, Raven, is one of the mares introduced from Sand Wash Basin for an infusion of genetics.

We’d gladly take any snow you’d care to send us! Talk about a contrast; we are terribly, terribly dry, even for here.

17 02 2015

We would gladly send you snow from the East Coast!

20 02 2015

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