3 01 2015


Sundance, relaxed. He was hanging out, sometimes grazing, sometimes watching some other horses. The horse-watching opportunities were endless. (Who are we to thinking only people-watching is endlessly fascinating?!)




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3 01 2015

TJ, thank you for the gift of viewing Sundance! Wholly Sundance looks prepared for what winter temperatures might come his way and as you said – he looks relaxed and content!! Who is he hanging out with?

3 01 2015

Comanche’s, Hollywood’s and Chrome’s bands and the bachelors all were nearby. Lots to watch. 🙂

3 01 2015

Such a look! Such a beauty of a guy. I hope he is watching the snow fall on the Basin.

3 01 2015

It did snow lightly nearly the entire time I was with them, So much to always see anew.

And the trails I ride are new
Even though I’ve made the circle many times before
For they change with every season
And with every shift of light
From the summit where the clouds fall to the sweet valley floor.
~ Dave Stamey, “The Circle”

3 01 2015

He looks very relaxed. I am sure he was having a good time.

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