18 09 2014

Winona against Spring Creek canyon.

Beautiful Winona. This was taken the same evening as the photo published a couple of posts ago. The rimrocks of Spring Creek canyon, lit up by the setting sun, provided a spectacular backdrop for this gorgeous girl. The touch of purple in the foreground: some kind of aster? They’re everywhere right now.

The chances of rain in the forecast for the end of this week dried up and became zero percent chance. The radar showed big green blobs south of the basin, but that rain didn’t quite hit the target (the “target” placed on the “map” by yours truly, of course). Odile dumped lots of rain and caused flooding damage from Mexico to Arizona. Can we get just a little bit of that moisture? We’re not greedy!




4 responses

18 09 2014

Gorgeous girl!!!

18 09 2014
George W Doerre

In all the equine photography books I’ve seen, with photos by those
“famous” photograpers, I’ve never seen anything as lovely, and artistic
as this. It is beautiful. As is Winona. Thank you for this.

18 09 2014
Karen Schmiede

What a beautiful picture. You are really getting some great ones lately. Thank you so much.

19 09 2014

Sometimes all the elements come together to show the horses and their home range at their ultimate best. Lucky and blessed – and beyond grateful – am I to experience those moments and be able to share them.

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