8 09 2014


“And the dust raised by my ponies was smoke from my altar, offered up to God above. …


“My ponies, sleek and dancing, were all a (wo)man would need. …


“You may see me in the dust that shimmers in the half light or hear me in the whisper of the grass so green and tall.”

~ Dave Stamey, “The Vaquero Song”

I love this song, about masters of horsemanship, and also that it honors the horses of those vaqueros.

Gaia, Bounce and Hayden pictured.




7 responses

8 09 2014

Captures the last light of summer.

8 09 2014

The light loves those ponies!

8 09 2014

Hello again.forgot the most important question. are the dam Nats or the knats? still out my spelling is not the best and my punctuation is even worse.oh well it is like a crossword you something to do,when you try to figure things out


8 09 2014

Hi, Roy! You won’t have to worry about the gnats (!) as much as some biting flies. In some low places, mosquitoes are a bother. Looking forward to seeing you!

8 09 2014
Kathryn Wilder

Uh oh, I can hear your dad breaking into song all the way over here!

8 09 2014

Ha. Good thing you haven’t heard me “ki yi yippee yi oh from the back of my caballo” (another Dave Stamey song). šŸ˜‰

9 09 2014

wonderful words to remember, TJ thanks for sharing along with your family of four legged beauties …

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