29 08 2014

Chrome at sunset.

Really, can you ever have too much Chrome?

The answer: No, no you cannot.

Taken in the absolute last seconds of sunlight on the far western edge of Spring Creek Basin above the rimrocks. Love. 🙂



8 responses

29 08 2014

TJ another amazing photo of the beauty of nature… many thanks!!
wishing you and your extended wild and beautiful family a great weekend!!

29 08 2014
Kathryn Wilder

Oh, Chrome! Phenomenal photo of a phenomenal horse!!!

29 08 2014


29 08 2014
Prairie girl

Love. 😉

29 08 2014

Just gorgeous. Love the light through his mane.

29 08 2014
Karen Schmiede

How Beautiful!!

30 08 2014
Linda Horn

Awesome! Since I changed to gmail I can’t get your blog to come to my inbox even though all the others do. Wish I could figure it out. SCB is an oasis in a desert of wild horse insanity.

6 09 2014

🙂 We have our issues, but the horses themselves are usually the cure.

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