Cool, the critters

21 08 2014

Badger in Spring Creek Basin

So I was just hanging with my pal Ty when a branch snapped nearby. He struck a pretty pose, and I focused on him while he focused on the snapper of the branch.

When he lost interest, I looked over my shoulder and saw this fellow/gal sauntering up the hillside across the narrow arroyo. It didn’t give me the same backward glance, so all I caught was its south end.

Badgers are some of the crazy-cool critters sharing space in the wild yonder of Spring Creek Basin.



4 responses

21 08 2014

How fabulous to actually see a Badger. This one looks a bit on the thin side (but maybe that’s normal?), hope he/she packs on a few more pounds before winter. Thanks for sharing!

22 08 2014

I don’t know much about badgers, but this seemed to be a good-sized critter. They’re so low to the ground and burly!

21 08 2014
Prairie girl

So very cool indeed. 🙂

22 08 2014

Yes! I always think it’s lucky to see badgers. I’ve seen just a handful in all the time I’ve been visiting the basin.

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