Two on the run

21 07 2014

Apollo and Killian

Apollo and Killian raise some dust getting away from Comanche, who decided they were too close to his girls.


20 07 2014

Killian plays with Duke while S'aka grazes in the background.

Killian tries to tempt Duke to play while S’aka grazes nearby. Duke is very good with the younger bachelors.

Comanche in HD

19 07 2014


Happy accident: Comanche in high-key definition. Apparently, I bumped the camera’s settings, so instead of getting “normal” images, a whole string were terribly overexposed. And what a bummer with Comanche chasing the bachelors and them scattering in every direction right in front of me.

But I decided to play with some, just for grins, and I kinda like the way they turned out. In this one, in particular, I love Comanche’s glowing brown eye and the hint of green.

Above the neck

17 07 2014


Apollo photobombs Duke’s time in the spotlight.

Wee friend

16 07 2014

Skywalker and S'aka - both 2 years old.

Another view of Skywalker and S’aka. Our mustangs come in all sizes and many colors. 🙂


Rain, rain, beautiful rain. We finally got some.

Bachelor buddies

15 07 2014

Killian, Skywalker, S'aka and Kreacher

Pals Killian, Skywalker, S’aka and Kreacher graze together, calm as can be. Later, the younger boys ran around and played, expending lots of youthful energy.

Silver boy

14 07 2014

Seven, unnamed promontory

Handsome Seven shows the scars of a wild life well lived.