Bachelor buddies

15 07 2014

Killian, Skywalker, S'aka and Kreacher

Pals Killian, Skywalker, S’aka and Kreacher graze together, calm as can be. Later, the younger boys ran around and played, expending lots of youthful energy.




6 responses

15 07 2014
Prairie girl

I just love this!
All in a row. Those guys are the most handsome things.

15 07 2014

I love it when they do that!

15 07 2014

TJ, loved seeing Skywalker! What a variety of color!! Have you seen Sundance, who is he hanging out with?

15 07 2014

Sundance has been hanging out with Hollywood’s band lately. The colors are interesting here because there’s the obvious pinto … and the rest of the boys are grey!

15 07 2014

Yes, I agree, good to see Skywalker. Is he greying out on his head? S’aka still looks so little compared to the rest of these guys. Glad there was peace in the kingdom.

15 07 2014

Skywalker is greying out all over. 🙂 The pintos all are fairly small. I didn’t realize that until a few years ago when Milagro left his family band for the bachelors. With his family, he looked fine and proportional; with the other boys, he suddenly looked small!

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