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18 06 2014

Tesora and Seven

Seven and Tesora on a very windy, very smoky day in Spring Creek Basin. A fire is burning near Gallup, N.M., and some pretty crazy-strong wind is blowing it straight up Colorado’s tailpipe.



3 responses

18 06 2014

Wow! That is smoky. I sure hope it doesn’t spread your way. Prayers that the fire will be stopped quickly.

18 06 2014
Kathryn Wilder

Glad to see Seven and Tesora so close. And today, so far, is blue, in this corner of CO, anyway. Not so in NM, I’m sure, except in the hearts of the many displaced by the fire.

18 06 2014
Prairie girl

I wasn’t aware of the fire until now. It really does look socked in with smoke.
Hope it is contained soon. Still, lovely horse pic. 😉

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