Struttin’ his stuff

27 05 2014


Corazon ignored his band to hang out with Seven’s band. Not permanently, of course. But he kept Seven hopping for a while.

‘Tis the season.



9 responses

27 05 2014
Prairie girl

Love his wild and muddy fetlocks!
He’s acting proud and playful.
Such a cool horse.

27 05 2014

I tried to get closer shots of their fetlocks – it was like they had little “baubles” dangling. It rained Saturday night/Sunday morning, and the grass has shot up about a foot. In some places, it’s literally brushing their bellies.

27 05 2014

He seems to be ‘walking on air’. Amazing position, very handsome guy!

27 05 2014

He certainly put on a show. I couldn’t believe he left the horses in his band on their own … then I couldn’t believe Copper didn’t take advantage. Ha!

27 05 2014

TJ, thank you again for making me smile as I am having a tough day relating to humans!!

27 05 2014

Hope you can spend some pony time. It really is good for what ails you!

27 05 2014
Kathryn Wilder

Absolutely gorges (code for gorgeous)!!!

27 05 2014

What?! I’ve been spelling it wrong all this time! I thought it was “gorgas”! Ha ha! He was funny, striking and tossing his head. Would have been better caught on video. 🙂

27 05 2014

A true mustang! Love him.

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