30 03 2014

Copper, Chipeta and Seneca

This is from the day Copper got flirty with Chipeta. It didn’t last long, and Ty came to their “rescue.”



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30 03 2014
Puller Lanigan

I trust that is Copper in the lead…beating a hasty retreat and Ty moving in on Chipeta? She doesn’t look happy at all.

30 03 2014

Sorry for the confusion. That’s Seneca at right, Ty was still below the top of a ridge when Chipeta and Seneca were above, and he wasn’t aware of what was going on right away. That’s bay Copper with Chipeta. Ty then came up and cut Copper away from the other two. I just loved Seneca’s little “dance move.” 🙂

30 03 2014

Signs of Spring!!

30 03 2014


30 03 2014

Seneca looks so cute doing her little dance. ❤

30 03 2014
Prairie girl

Seneca just stole my heart.

30 03 2014
Lynn and Kathy

That Seneca is gonna be a feisty one, yes?! 🙂

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