One and two with a view

7 02 2014


Ty and his girls a few days ago after the last snowfall. This was Copper’s and the youngsters’ view in a previous photo post. You can sorta see the arroyo behind Ty – it runs at about the level of his hocks. All three of them were beyond it while I was first hanging out with the pintos. Why did the mustang cross the arroyo? Curiosity, of course! 🙂



6 responses

7 02 2014

Such a handsome mister.

8 02 2014

And he takes good care of his girls.

9 02 2014

TJ I simply love seeing your pictures. It is marvelous to be able to enjoy these beautiful creatures even though I live hundreds of miles away from them. Thank you for taking the time to take the pictures and then for sharing them with us folks here on the web.

9 02 2014

Thank you for enjoying the horses so much! The more people who appreciate them, the better we can protect them for everyone to enjoy their wildness!

12 02 2014

We sure found out yesterday how curious the horses can me at the Tour, huh??

12 02 2014

Indeed! Very curious critters. 🙂

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