RIP Mona and foal

1 08 2013

Sunset the night Mona died.

With a heavy heart, I let ya’ll know that Mona died after complications from foaling. Her foal is presumed dead.

God certainly welcomed them to heaven in spectacular fashion.

My heartfelt appreciation goes to Logan Briscoe, BLM law-enforcement officer, and Mike Jensen, former herd manager, for coming first, and continued thanks and whole-hearted appreciation to Logan and to Connie Clementson, Tres Rios Field Office manager, for coming back. Connie responded ASAP when called first thing in the morning to provide relief to an injured mustang so that she wouldn’t suffer needlessly.



11 responses

1 08 2013
Prairie girl

Oh, this is so hard to hear.
That sky speaks volumes. Eerily beautiful farewell.

1 08 2013
Pat Amthor

Oh, I am so sorry to hear this. It has been an amazing week of natures fury for you. Good for you for being there…

1 08 2013
Puller Lanigan

Tj, I am so sorry to hear this. What a loss. I went back through your blog looking for a pix of Mona, but wasn’t successful. Could you run one for those of us so far removed from your lovely area? Many thanks. Also, whose band was she with?

1 08 2013

My heart is heavy with you. R.I.P. beautiful lady.

1 08 2013

Yes, I will. I got in late last night, and it’s been a long week already. She was with Hollywood’s band.

1 08 2013
Karen Schmiede

So sorry for Mona and her foal. May they rest in peace.

1 08 2013
Lynn and Kathy

Hearts are breaking and many, many tears will fall from the sky…

1 08 2013
Barbara Stagg

Oh how sad sometimes are the ways of the wild. Thank you so much for your unending observation and care.

1 08 2013

Oh TJ, I am so sorry to hear this. It is so difficult to lose these wild ones that we all love so much.

2 08 2013

Oh no thats horrible, i was so excited for her foal, i never thought she would die. 😦

22 08 2013
Toppyrocks (Rachel)

I am so sorry to hear this 😦 She was such a lovely, lovely girl. She’ll be missed a lot, I’m sure.

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