22 07 2013

Horny toad in Spring Creek Basin.

It’s dry out there, but don’t you think you’re taking things a little far with the peeling skin?

I found Mr. or Mrs. Horny Toad the other day while visiting with Hollywood’s and Comanche’s bands. Don’t you love these prehistoric little dragons? I’ve seen several this year.



5 responses

22 07 2013
Prairie girl

Love these horned lizards.
I’ve seen some around here too. Tiny prehistoric little creatures!
Peeling skin like a snake?!

22 07 2013

Yes! I’m not sure I knew they shed skin like that.

22 07 2013

Takes me back to my childhood. Use to hunt for these.

22 07 2013

I saw one the other day that had cool yellow patterns on its back. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera!

24 07 2013
Pat Amthor

So many creatures in the Valley. The snakes that frequent our pond leave there skins floating!

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