Do you see me?

15 07 2013


Yes, handsome Hayden, all eyes are on you!

This young mister has filled out a lot this year. He’ll be 4 in September. He’s a stout little hunky red boy!



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15 07 2013
Karen Schmiede

Hayden really is a handsome dude. I have always liked him. Hope you get a lot more rain.

15 07 2013

Um can i ask a question? I am a little worried about the entire herd becoming grey overtime because grey is a dominant gene. (Idk how much you know about genes, so sorry if you already know what im about to say) Every grey horse has a 50% chance of sireing (or being the mother of) a grey foal. If both parents are grey its a 100% chance. And if one horse has two grey parents, and got the dominant grey allels from both (Which is likely), Then every foal it sires (Or gives birth to) will be grey no matter the color of the other parent. So i worry that overtime they will all be grey. Do you think this could happen? Because i personally love sorrel, bay, and dun horses (and palomino, maybe Corona will give birth to one one day? 🙂 )

17 07 2013

Yes and yes (anything *could* happen). That said, I’m less worried about colors and more concerned with the overall genetics in a herd this small. Grey is, in fact, the dominant color in Spring Creek Basin, and that likely will remain the case. Two of the three stallions introduced in the late 1990s were grey; the third was pinto (and the ancestor of all our current pintos). The six mares introduced since then (three each in 2001 and 2008) were dun, grulla, buckskin, dun, dun and black-and-white pinto. Now I have a question for you: What would you do about it – in this wild herd where roundups and removals are the only way to control colors? 🙂

19 07 2013

Thank you for answering my question, and that is a good point. I know that genetics is very important, and i would never want horses rounded up just because of there color. The only way i could think of, if you wanted less grey horses, would be to pzp more grey mares then other colors. (And hope some of the younger bachelors like Hayden, Tenaz, etc become band stallions lol.)

19 07 2013

Hayden’s sire is grey, and Tenaz’s dam is grey. 🙂

16 07 2013
Lynn and Kathy

Love seeing “our boy” Hayden!! Glad to hear he’s doing well! His sire, Grey is beautiful but, we’re honestly glad he looks much more like his dam, Jif! Sure hope she found a good home somewhere…

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