7 07 2013

Killian gives Apollo kisses.

Killian gives Apollo kisses. These 2-year-old bachelor boys hang out with 3-year-olds Hayden and Tenaz – and sometimes Aspen.

Apollo giving the flehmen after Killian gave him kisses.

This was just a couple of minutes later. What do you think he’s saying? Nice kisser, pal. 🙂



3 responses

7 07 2013
Puller Lanigan

Love those baby teeth!!!

7 07 2013
Lynn and Kathy

Aside from Apollo’s flemming which is neat ’cause we get it – we honestly think Apollo and Killian are actually REAL friends, along with Hayden and Tenaz – the four bros (so-to-speak)! Nice photo work! 🙂

8 07 2013
Pat Amthor

Ha, I love that! Honey, my Fox Trotter, used to do that a lot.

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