4 07 2013

Happy Independence Day!

Chrome marches out to meet Hollywood.

One side effect of more horses drinking at the water catchment is that Chrome has more “visitors” to his territory than previously. Here he’s marching out to greet Hollywood, who was there with Comanche’s band and ever-present Bounce.


Please keep in mind the ultra-dry conditions, and celebrate safely this Fourth of July!



4 responses

4 07 2013
stacy jett

could you please contact me, i am trying to contact you- i left you a message on your facebook- but doesn’t look like it’s visited often- thank you!! Stacy

4 07 2013
stacy jett

Also, have you considered going up for nominations?? I’ll nominate you- i believe also that Laura Leigh is considering- the more wild horse advocates get in, the stronger possibilities for the horses!!

4 07 2013
stacy jett

This is a Gorgeous Horse!

6 07 2013

Strutting handsome boy.

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