Purple mustang majesty

17 04 2013


Big girl Madison looks back toward daddy Comanche and Hollywood’s band at the purple-mountains-majesty end of day. Mama Kestrel and big sister Juniper graze in the background.



5 responses

17 04 2013

Just lovely.

17 04 2013
Sarah Rose

Lovely shot TJ!

17 04 2013
Karen Keene Day

Wow TJ, is this the “little” Madison I took pictures of this past July when she was hiding behind big sister Juniper?? Pretty girl indeed.

17 04 2013

Doesn’t she look practically all grown up? They just amaze me every single time I see them. She’ll be 1 in less than a month. 🙂

21 04 2013
Pat Amthor

Fabulous color! Madison the horse and Madison the young woman are going up to be strong and beautiful.

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