Raven at rest

25 03 2013

Raven's hind hooves.

Raven’s hind hooves. Wild, muddy, healthy hooves.



5 responses

25 03 2013
Prairie girl

One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE images!!

25 03 2013

I love their hooves … and their hoofprints on the Earth.

25 03 2013
Puller Lanigan

Hi TJ, not like you could do anything about it, but is it good to have the hooves packed with mud like that?

25 03 2013

It doesn’t hurt a thing.

26 03 2013
Pat Amthor

I am always amazed that the “wild” horses hooves look so good. Instead of standing in a stall or paddock, they are in the country that is natural to them. People I know who have adopted have the hooves trimmed but do not have to shoe them. Hooves are tough and strong on these wonders of Spring Creek!

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