Corona, halo’d

21 03 2013

Corona, haloed.

Very last light of day rims the girl in lovely light.

I looked for Sundance’s band for two days, then found them where they were, well south of where I had seen them just three days previously. This is the basin’s traveling band, for sure.

This visit capped a wonderful, peaceful visit with the two pinto bands, which were close together – and followed a David sighting! That was the first I had seen him since I found his mares (Puzzle and Shadow) with Seven. He’s alone but in terra familiar and looks well.



3 responses

21 03 2013

Oooh, lovely Corona. Great shot of her halo’d.

26 03 2013
Pat Amthor

What a thoughtful soft picture of my favorite time of day. Peace and quiet, all has slowed, well, except for the night creatures prowling around!!!!

27 03 2013

One if my favorite times of day, too. I love photographing the horses at the beginning and end of days.

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