17 12 2012

Ask and ye shall receive!

Here are a couple of pix of Storm from the day I visited his band.

Storm at ease while grazing.

He was not easily distracted from his grazing.

Storm with the La Sals in the background.

This handsome young mister – he’s only 4 – is ambitious with his two mares (and their foal/yearling). But he’s also one of the most laid-back guys in the basin.



2 responses

17 12 2012

WOW! Thank you!! He is gorgeous. Well, the missy is lucky to have TWO handsome guys duking it out for her time and attention!

17 12 2012

Sorry – Storm has Roja and her yearling colt, Killian, and Gaia and her filly, Cassidy Rain. David has Shadow and Puzzle. Storm previously had Shadow – a couple of times – but eventually lost her back to David, who has had her since (which has been most of this year). They’re totally different bands. 🙂

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