19 11 2012

Raven’s little girl has finally filled out some in the fall of her third year.

She was sticking close to Mariah; she’s a good auntie to Mariah and Maia. While she still could be mistaken for a “grey” from a distance, up close, her coat has more color.

She is the daughter of Sand Wash Basin’s fabulous Corona (hence her name). Mama Raven came to Spring Creek Basin in 2008 with Mona and Kootenai.



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19 11 2012
Puller Lanigan

TJ, how close is Spring Creek to Sand Wash? Were Raven, Mona and Kootenai brought in by BLM? Or stolen by stallions? She’s a year older than Corona’s other palomino daughter, Can Wakan.

19 11 2012

Probably at least five hours? I’m not sure of mileage. Sand Wash Basin is northwest of Craig, on the northern border of Colorado. Spring Creek Basin is the southernmost of BLM’s herd management areas in Colorado. It’s about three hours to Grand Junction from here. The mares were introduced by BLM per Dr. Gus Cothran’s genetics report(s) that supported periodic (every five to seven years) introductions of horses to ensure genetic viability in our small herd. In the late 1990s, three stallions were introduced, but they proved problematic – though prolific! – leaving the herd area to steal mares. In 2001 and in 2008, three mares were introduced each year – six total. All from Sand Wash Basin. I’m not sure why they came from SWB in 2001, but they came from there in 2008 because of that roundup; we were supposed to get Little Book Cliffs mares in 2007 – the roundup there in 2007 was less than a month after ours here. But BLM delayed, saying Little Book Cliffs mares got *only* the one-year PZP. As it turned out, the “two-year” PZP-22 didn’t work so well (it worked on one of four surviving mares that were released after our roundup that year). In any case, we love our Sand Wash Basin beauties. 🙂

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