What matters, size?

5 06 2012

Corona (Corona (Sand Wash Basin) x Raven) is 3 years old. Aurora (Bounce x Alegre) is 1.

Yes, Corona does seem thin. She’s had those jutting hip bones for quite a while. She seems healthy enough, just not an “easy keeper.” But I really took this photo to illustrate the size difference – or rather the size similarity and the AGE difference. You can’t see a lot of Aurora behind Corona, but she’s easily as big as Corona, who is two years older. Alegre is a good-sized mare and passes long legs on to her foals. Whisper, her second foal (adopted last year), was a tall boy. Bounce, in contrast, is quite a little guy, probably no taller than 14 hands. Raven is a good-sized mare, and it seems that Corona, Corona’s sire, is a good-sized stallion.

They’re close as sisters or BFFs. You rarely see one far from the other.

Just a thing to make ya go hmm. (Aren’t they cute? :))



2 responses

6 06 2012
Lynn and Kathy

Love this shot! Really explains the bonds between BFFs, doesn’t it?! πŸ™‚

8 06 2012

They’re such pals. πŸ™‚

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