Expectant girl

23 04 2012

Friends spotted the spots yesterday, right above the Disappointment Road. After seeing quite a bit of them this winter, I’ve barely seen them this spring. Reya was heavy pregnant last year during the Four Corners Back Country Horsemen’s annual wild horse count, but then she lost the foal (her first), so I don’t have an exact due date on her. Late May/early June is my guesstimate. That’s her grazing with band stallion Ty. Bachelors Corazon and Copper are still with the band.

Better o’ da belly. (OT: Isn’t it interesting how most of the the pintos’ tails are mostly white at top then go to black and Ty’s tail is dark (greying) at top and goes light ? :))

She’s definitely in the mode of nap more, move less!



2 responses

24 04 2012

I never noticed before how where the white meets black on her side, how it’s such a straight line!

And the pinto horse I lease has the opposite tail- black on top to mostly white.

30 04 2012

That might be from the angle of the photo. I don’t remember it being that straight, either! I always think of it as a sort of sideways “chevron.” Not that pronounced, but not totally straight? What always intrigued me are the scallops on her butt from the back. That’s how I know her at a distance. 🙂

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