Sun spots

17 03 2012

Maybe not the spots you were expecting.

Corona backlit.

I confess that I’m not sure about her pregnancy status. She ought to be, having been with Grey/Traveler since last spring. (Even after the roundup and a brief sojourn with Tenaz, he got her back.) But she’s so small, it’s hard to tell.

She will turn 3 the end of April, born the spring after her mama, Raven, and Mona and Kootenai were introduced from Sand Wash Basin. (This is done periodically here to help ensure our herd’s genetic diversity, and these three mares represent the third such introduction that I’m familiar with.) From documentary photos of the Sand Wash Basin mustangs before their 2008 roundup, I know Raven was with that basin’s famous and fabulous stallion Corona – for whom I named our Corona.

I *think* she is pregnant – she has a way of walking that seems to accommodate a bigger belly than she’s used to.

What do you all think??



4 responses

18 03 2012

I am almost sure she is pregnant!

18 03 2012
Pat Amthor

Could be!

18 03 2012

I tend to think so, too. Baby will be a petite little thing, I think!

19 03 2012

So nice to see a picture of the girl you let me name! This picture looks more like a Solar Sun Spot … LOL Looking forward to seeing her new little one!

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