Morning lightness

16 03 2012

Chrome and Terra in the morning, gilded. My camera was giving me error messages on each shot, and I was just crying with that light all around. I finally changed batteries, and that solved the problem, but I must also have changed the white balance because none of the other photos came out with this golden light. Winona is just out of sight below them, and Hayden is behind them a short distance.

This is behind Filly Peak, where the roundup took place. Chrome likes to hang out in this area. They were pretty far distant the other day. It was good to see them back in “usual” territory.

The bare hill in the middle background drops down to the Disappointment Road. The treed hills in the background are outside the herd management area. You can see some snow still on the shady north hillsides among the pinon and juniper, but most of it is gone in this area. We’re apparently awaiting our next storm; moisture will be critical this year (as it is every year!). This is one of the mildest winters I think I’ve experienced in 10 years in Colorado.



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17 03 2012
jan eaker

This has also been the mildest winter in the Chicago area as well, it is warmer here than in DC. 80’s for the last 3 days, my ponies have really shed their coats, I hope it doesn’t get terribly cold again! It has finally dried up, too. I miss the snow, I usually get a break from mud during the winter months, but it has been wet and muddy here since september 24th. I love spring, and this year, at least for the next few days, we are really able to enjoy it.

18 03 2012
Pat Amthor

The picture is great! I was told the other day, it is what it is and it is the way it is meant to be, so the one picture is perfection!

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