More Ze

2 12 2011

Part two of my recent visit with Tif, Asher and Ze.

What an amazing boy Ze is! To see the two of them together is just remarkable – they have their own magic. 🙂

This boy is such a thinker.

From Tif: “Ze … this guy has taught me quite a bit over the past couple of months.  He’s captured my heart, as is obvious to others!”

Oh yes, it’s obvious. 🙂

“I had him gelded, it was time. It was hard … harder on me than him I imagine. He came through everything fine, but we did have some mental setbacks. We’ll get through them. It’s mostly with strangers, but that’s to be expected. We’re back to our old routine of free work, long lining, going for walks around the property, playing with tarps, picking up and handling all four feet, ropes and pressure around his belly, like a cinch, and anything else I can think of to get him used to everything possible.”

The start of the tarp-play!

Unfolding the tarp – Ze doesn’t mind because there’s yumminess!

He follows Tif as she drags it into the round pen.

Not even raising it phases him.

He steps on the tarp to get the hay … and by raising it and shaking it gently, she can also get him to step back off of it.

No big deal for this big boy!

Maybe there’s still hay in there, he thinks?!

End of the tarp-play – he doesn’t look like he’s ready to be done, eh?

“He’s the most sensitive horse I’ve worked with, and my QH mare is sensitive, being able to sense when I clench my jaw, the slightest movement someone makes, quick to respond, quick to come back to me if something spooks him. Really amazing. We still have sticky spots at times, but I still can’t believe what this guy’s willing to do for me. I remember reading what someone else had written about what these guys react to, and it’s true. I have tons of experience with ‘domestic’ horses, these are my first mustangs, and mine do not react to things and situations the same. Something you’d think they should be fearful of, they’re not; other things that should be a piece of cake, aren’t. It’s been a great learning tool for myself, as well, as I’m always learning, always evolving.”

He wasn’t too thrilled with having his forelock combed out (and he does NOT like static shocks).

But he also wants to do what Tif asks of him. (Notice his lip, reaching for the reassurance of her arm.)

And here it is – the LOOK that sent us both into a fit of giggles! I was laughing so hard (and trying not to laugh out loud and scare him) I nearly dropped my camera – and I sure couldn’t take any more pix for a few minutes! Isn’t he fantastic?? 🙂

“Patience … not my strongest virtue, but I do not step into the round pen to work Ze unless I’m willing to have the ultimate patience, take whatever time necessary to work through something I assumed would take moments. 😉 It pays off, too. I’ll be ready to introduce him to the rest of my horses I’m thinking in a couple weeks, once his ‘studiness’ has totally subsided. Another milestone that I know we’ll come through with flying colors.”

Trotting around the round pen.

Showing off his “wild mustang-ness”!


“Stranger work has been essential with him, as he will do pretty much anything I ask, but get someone he doesn’t know next to him, and he’s a totally different horse. That’s where my farrier was integral in helping me through some things. Thanks, Keith, for your help. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. In addition to helping get Ze used to strangers, Keith also donated his time for Asher’s first trimming. He says it went well; I say the little guy was a handful! His feet look great, but it’s never too soon to start handling in every which way possible!”

This was from the beginning, when Tif was first getting ready to work with him. He did pretty well with this stranger!

“What a blessing Ze and Asher have been. Thanks to everyone for their support, their contributions to Asher, checking in on all of us. I want to send a special thank you to Pati Temple. Her guidance and tips on her experience with mustangs and their training really helped me with Ze. I tailored what she recommended to fit Ze, as I believe all horses are different, and I don’t think we would have been able to get through some of Ze’s barriers without her help. Collaboration is key, and the more we can help each other help these beautiful horses, the better off the horses will be.”

Beauty and her boy

Love. 🙂



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3 12 2011


3 12 2011

These are two lucky boys!

3 12 2011

Agreed and agreed. 🙂

6 12 2011
Lynn and Kathy

Another angel among us, eh?! :))

6 12 2011

Definitely. 🙂

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