22 10 2011

If she burned any brighter, she’d burst into flame, methinks!

Gorgeous Gaia-girl

Other than to crop and sharpen, I didn’t touch these images. That blazing color is nature’s own enhancement.

Traveler’s band was high up in the trees of the north hills most of the day. I thought another horse might have been with them, and I thought it might have been Storm from the far distance of Round Top’s crown, but when I actually got up on the north hills, I didn’t see anybody else (lots of trees), and the horses didn’t seem to be worried about anybody else nearby.

I sat with them while the sun sank lower … and knew the very moment the light winked out beyond the western hills, leaving us in shade and just the eastern ridges of the basin bathed in glorious light. The previous pic of Alegre is from that same visit.




2 responses

22 10 2011

The light in that valley is so amazing. It seems to always shine just so. Love you pics.

22 10 2011

And the autumn light is best of all, I think!

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