Varoujan – now named Banjo

17 10 2011

A great update from Melissa, who adopted Varoujan, now named Banjo.

In her words: “As for the horses that have made their way into new homes, it sounds like there ARE a lot of happy ponies & people. We are definitely one of those happy families. Here are some pics of Varoujan (Banjo). He is really doing well. In these pics, you can see the things we have been working on, leading, bathing, the big soccer ball, trailer loading, picking up his feet and getting loved all over. He gets his exercise by ‘free following’ us when we go for rides. I was gone for 10 days doing the Tevis Cup 100 mile endurance cup race and so really didn’t start a consistent training regimen till I got back, and Geeze Louise, he was ‘doing it all’ in 48 hours. He is very level headed and brave. Not skittish at all and loves to be scratched. It is amazing how much he like the HOSE! Too funny. His color is constantly changing but when he is having his baths, it looks like he is really going to be a dark steel grey color next. All of his nicks and scrapes from the round-up & his initial trailer ride are coming in with a dark coat. He will be the ‘mystery horse’ for what his FINAL color will be. I will keep you updated on his progress.”

Easy to see that he loves the water!

I’ve heard from a couple of adopters that their mustangs can’t get enough of the clean, fresh water.

With the BIG soccer ball!

Calmly walking right into the trailer.

These ponies are SO smart.

Brushing for extra handsomeness!

I think Melissa takes the cake for “most beautiful location”!

Melissa and Banjo – LOVE the update! Thank you!



7 responses

17 10 2011
Puller Lanigan

That’s a great and really sweet update. So glad he got such a wonderful home.

17 10 2011

Me, too! 🙂

17 10 2011
Linda Horn

Thanks for this wonderful update. The Fall colors set against a backdrop of snow covered peaks are stunning. A patient, loving owner and a great place to grow up … Banjo is one lucky guy!

17 10 2011

What lucky pony! He sure seems happy, and learning so quickly! Very glad to hear another positive update. Too bad his beautiful coat got nicked up in the round-up. Oh well, they’ll probably fade away.

17 10 2011
Lynn and Kathy

Thank-you, Melissa! You have a gem and we’re SO grateful!!

19 10 2011
Karen Schmiede

So glad to see this. What a lucky Guy.

22 10 2011
Pat Amthor

How wonderful! I am so amazed at how quickly the WILD horses adapt to an enclosed life with people! Wonderful pictures.

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