Killian and family

28 09 2011

Killian, son of Seven and Roja, baby brother of Ze, who was adopted locally to an incredible home.

I had one of the best visits ever with his band yesterday. That’s Shane’s hip at right – and they’re pretty much attached at the hip. Cutest thing ever to see Killian walk hesitantly up with Shane to introduce themselves to Juniper. Little guy using big “sister” to bolster his curiosity. Juni wasn’t quite ready to play, though she gave them both a sniff, and then Piedra urged them back to their own mamas.

Wait, did I just mention horses from three different bands? 🙂

Piedra and Hollywood are reunited, and Juni and mama and daddy, Kestrel and Comanche, are reunited, and the two bands are as close as they were pre-roundup. They were grazing in a little “meadow” very near where Seven’s were napping under some trees when I spotted them. Seven ran Aspen like a crazy horse the evening before, but Aspen was napping right with them.

Mona and Roja. Mona doesn’t look terribly close, does she?

All three bands, from left: Mona, Roja, Shane and Killian, Seven, Hollywood, Piedra (Comanche behind her), Juniper and Kestrel, and Aspen at far right.



3 responses

28 09 2011
Karen Schmiede

Glad all the horses are back at home and getting back to life as usual. Hope there isn’t a need for another round up for a long time.

28 09 2011
Pat Amthor

Tears still… I thought I would stop but the last month has been full of saddness and joy!

So glad to had spent time with the DWBP at the adoption. such knowledge you and Pati have. Great to work with the BLM.

Blessings on all who love the horses!

28 09 2011

Karen – Ditto.

Pat – Agreed. Glad to have YOU and your knowledge in DWBP!

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