Other good-looking “babies”

27 08 2011

This handsome little devil is Cougar, son of Iya and Hollywood. Iya and Cougar are with Poco and Roach (have been for quite a while now).

I’ll have more of this awesome boy … I really should be doing other things, like working on the ID booklet for BLM!

Who is this beautiful girl? “Just another bay mare” … This is our lovely young lady Liberty! Right now, I’m pretty sure she’s NOT about-to-drop pregnant, unless she’s really aiming late (and not a drop of PZP-22 has she received, just so you all know). She very likely IS pregnant … hopefully for next spring. She was looking at Hook’s band, the members of which weren’t too far away.

What, you thought I could post without slipping in another shot of this little lovely?! Is it me, or does she look like a pronghorn antelope with her wide-set ears and big eyes, with those little stripes above them? I have gotten some ideas about her birthday, but I’m still waiting for the vet’s “official” call … glad for your patience!



5 responses

27 08 2011
maria chervenkova

She’s a doll.Who put the eyliner on :)? I hope she’ll not grey out.The blaze gives her so much personality.That’s why I love horses with white markings.It makes them unique and easy to recognize.The foaling season still has not enden and I can’t wait for the next.

27 08 2011

Right!? I don’t think I’ve ever seen lines above the eyes like that? I don’t think she’ll go grey. But Cougar was basically born the same color, and now he’s looking a little grullo-ish …?

28 08 2011

Hi TJ.
do you know if liberty will be removed?

28 08 2011

I do not know … Really won’t know anything for certain until the roundup.

14 09 2011
Karen McLain

They are just beautiful TJ. I was so glad to have gotten to go up there last summer. I just wish we could have met! Maybe some day I’ll make it back.

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