In her element

26 08 2011




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26 08 2011
Julie Onshus

All I can say is AWWWWWW!!!

26 08 2011

what a beauty. you sure have a lot of “color” in the basin!!

27 08 2011
Karen Schmiede

Wow. I really like the stripes on her legs. What a little beauty.

27 08 2011

I love those leg stripes – simply delicious! – that’s for Karen, too – her comment came while I was yakking away about the colors!

The weird thing is that we really don’t have a whole lot of color. But I will say that what we’re getting is simply divine! 🙂 Example: The sorrels were almost wiped out with the last roundup, though the genetics to produce more obviously remained (we had just two sorrels post-2007-roundup – now we’re up to six). Our dominant color by far is grey (and we do have a lot of variation!), followed not that closely by bay (though I think last year was the year of the bay babies). A few blacks, a few sorrels now. The dun and buckskin colors have been introduced (Mona and Kootenai (2008), Luna (2001), Hollywood (his mother in 2001), Kestrel/Winona (mama/grandma is Luna) … and I’ve seen it in photos (of horses now gone) … but we really don’t have much now – it has taken 3-4 years for some of it to show up: Luna’s daughter Kestrel’s daughter Winona last year, and now Cougar (dun Hollywood’s son, at least his third foal; grey Iya’s first baby), Varoujan (buckskin Luna’s son – her fifth foal since the roundup; sire is grey Butch) and Kootenai’s filly this year (her first; sire Kreacher’s third – his other offspring (filly and colt) are both bay, including Shane, out of dun Mona). In our case, those colors absolutely represent genetics – just as the current dominant grey likely goes back to Mr. Ed and Miguel (introduced stallions). Compared with 27 greys (!), we have just six duns and four buckskins. Billie, thanks! This was a great opportunity to line out some of these family branches that others may not know! Maybe after the roundup, I’ll do a post on some of the family lines …

28 08 2011

TJ, the Foal is simply beautiful. Was this Kootenai one of Corona’s fillies from SWB? He really has produced some amazing mares.

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