Gonna draw for it

30 08 2011

Sorry about the recent quiet … I’m trying to get this ID book finished and trying not to get sidetracked!

About Kootenai’s filly – I basically have no consensus about her birth date, not even from the vet, other than she was probably born between about Aug. 20 and Aug. 22, so I’m going to “decide” that she was born Aug. 21 and have a drawing between those closest dates: Aug. 20 and Aug. 22. (Can you believe folks were so close! And that doesn’t even mention the guess of Aug. 24, which was the day I found her.) I’ll do that today with my trusted co-worker who pulled the name out for the calendar around Christmas.

Zacharias (Aug. 20) and Rachel (Aug. 22): Good luck to each of you, and many thanks for your guesses!!



3 responses

30 08 2011
Toppyrocks/ Rachel

What a beautiful baby she is! She looks so sweet and innocent.

What colour do you think she will be, TJ? I noticed the grey on her legs and nose and in her tail, is that usually an indicator that she will grey out?

30 08 2011
Julie Onshus

She looks to be a dun, the grey on legs will turn black. That has been my experience any way. She is a doll regardless. Congrats Rachel on winning!!!

30 08 2011
Linda Horn

TJ, have you considered making photos and descriptions of the horses that go to Canon City available for viewing at the adoption? Some experienced folks don’t mind starting an older mustang. Just a thought.

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