Mona bulletin

20 08 2011

While I was out, I also had the opportunity to get a good look at Mona, who is due Sept. 15.

Unfortunately, that good look doesn’t translate as well to good, illustrative photos, but these give you an idea of how she is progressing.

Seven with his girls and little boy. His mane is growing out, and he now looks “ready for the show ring” with it looking “pulled” and lying nearly flat on its regular left side of his neck. He’s still Mr. Wild, though. Although they let me get this close and were OK with me sitting there, I was unwilling to move – to get better photos of Mona – lest I break the spell. When the boys later crossed the arroyo and up over the flank of the finger hill in the near distance, that was enough for Roja, and she led her family away. Bruiser, having lost Spook to Cinch, is back with 2-year-olds Sage, Ze, Cuatro and Milagro.

That’s Mona at left, and her almost-yearling daughter, Shane (sired by Kreacher, and I was thinking how much she looks like him), Killian (Seven’s son) and Roja. Isn’t Shane a big girl? Being born in mid-September doesn’t seem to have hurt her one bit.

Because Mona is an introduced mare AND is due to foal the day the roundup is scheduled to start, this band will likely NOT be targeted for roundup at all. The same is true of Kreacher’s band – which contains Raven and Kootenai, also introduced with Mona, and will likely contain Kootenai’s new foal by the time of the roundup. I’ve also suggested Chipeta’s small band not be targeted because she also will have a very new baby.

We’re having a meeting next week with BLM and the volunteers who will be serving during the roundup, and then I’ll post some info about the roundup and adoption.



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20 08 2011
Lynn and Kathy

THAT’S Shane?!? Wow, what a big, beautiful girl and only a yearling! Really nice family photo… 🙂

20 08 2011

Yep. 🙂 Puzzle seems surprisingly big to me, too – another September baby.

20 08 2011

Lots of babies :] Good luck to Mona, Kootenai, and Chipeta! I’m relieved that their bands may escape the roundup.

21 08 2011

TJ — First, I want to thank you for sharing these horses with all of us. A friend and I had planned to visit the Spring Creek Horses the second week in October. I’m coming up from Texas and we were going to hit several HMA’s in Colorado and Wyoming. But I’m assuming, after the gather, they won’t be as easy to spot for a while. Is that a correct assumption based on your experience? I’d love to see the horses I follow on your blog, but I don’t see how since the trip is so close to the gather. Thanks for any info you can give me. Kathy

21 08 2011

My gut says “please do come and visit our Spring Creek Basin mustangs.” There will be fewer, yes, but they and their home are SO worth visiting. In 2007, we went from almost 120 horses to 40+ – this time, the change won’t be nearly as drastic. I like to tell people “don’t have an agenda when you come to the basin”: Don’t come in with any plans – just come. That is probably good advice in this instance. 🙂 Also, depending on when you’re here, I can meet you and your friend in Spring Creek Basin and give you the grand tour. If we can get INTO the basin (possible exception: weather), I’m pretty confident in guaranteeing I can show you horses!

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