Chipeta bulletin

20 08 2011

Chipeta’s band was out almost exactly where I saw them last – and Kiowa’s band was just up the hill! It was good to see them, too, but I think the proximity and/or Chipeta’s impending due date had her more wary.

She doesn’t look quite as huge as I’d have thought she’d be (her due date and Puzzle’s birthday is Sept. 1), but she’s definitely showing signs of getting closer to foaling.

The pintos (Kiowa’s band) were just up the hill to the right.

I also took some pix of Kiowa’s band that I’ll post later. I didn’t stay with the horses too long. The bands haven’t been close to each other (that I know of) for quite a while, and I’d sure like to see them separate again before Chipeta foals.

Although I didn’t walk back to check it, I’m fairly sure the Round Top pond still has water, so they’re probably drinking there (this was somewhat close to the pond). David’s also were out right where I had been seeing them in previous visits – close to the Disappointment Road. There are at least a couple of places in the big arroyos nearby where water seeps up to the surface, so they could also be drinking there.



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