Gettin’ the girl(s)

14 08 2011

Cinch is adding to his little family.

Cinch at right, Gaia, Liberty and Spook.

Gaia and Spook are 3 years old (less than two weeks apart), and Liberty is 2. Alegre is Gaia’s dam; Molly-girl was Liberty’s dam; Kiowa is Spook’s dam. Seven is Liberty’s sire; Gaia’s and Spook’s are unknown (likely gone with the last roundup).

Spook almost looked like she could have been coming into or going out of heat.

Pretty good size difference between the girls, eh?

Liberty seems to have taken Spook under her wing, much like Gaia did with her when mama Molly died (when Liberty was a weanling).

Liberty is just as sweet and generous as her mama was. She’s a year younger than Spook, but she acts like the leader of the two.

I didn’t see Bruiser, who had had Spook for a couple of months or so (I’d have to look back for certain), but he was seen last week – alone but near a couple of bands.

Interesting little change.



5 responses

14 08 2011
Julie Onshus

Is it me or does Liberty look bred?

15 08 2011

I wouldn’t be surprised. I saw Cinch breeding her last October … Figured I’d know when/if she foaled whether she had conceived?! Not at all out of the realm of possibility. I’ll make sure BLM knows about her, too, before the roundup.

16 08 2011
Lynn and Kathy

You know, she does look a little “plump” – sure hope she does OK… Old Miss Molly’s girl has grown up nicely!

20 08 2011

I didn’t think about Liberty when they were closest to me yesterday, but I did look back in my notes from last year, and it was Sept. 9 (not October) last year that I have marked as seeing Cinch breed her. That means only that she didn’t conceive from that breeding, but it’s still possible, and I’ll keep an eye on her. She sure seems to be a sweetheart. 🙂

21 08 2011
Lynn and Kathy

Yep, maybe a sweetheart “in disguise” – so many start out one way and turn out just magically beautiful. Liberty fits that thought, don’t you think? 😉

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