On hold …

21 07 2011

Was having a really good time in the basin with some really important visitors … and then it was shattered. I’m not quite ready to post about it except to say Spring Creek Basin is less one beautiful soul … and that I am beyond grateful to BLM’s Tom Rice and Sean Wagner (sp?) for their kindness and compassion.

I beg your patience if the blog is quieter than usual for a little while.


Cougar and his stepdaddy, Poco – they’re just fine. After weeks of not seeing them, I saw their band both days and spent some healing time with them today.

The love I have for these horses has such power … to break … and to heal … my fragile little heart.



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21 07 2011
Linda Horn

You have given so much, in joy and in sorrow. Please take whatever time you need to heal.

22 07 2011

I start every day checking your blog. Please know that your hard work has been appreciated by many and that we are all with you at this time. Kathy

22 07 2011
Julie Onshus

Take your time to heal, I am curious on what happend but dreading who it might be.

22 07 2011

I’m scared and sad about this. So sorry about your loss…whoever it is. They’re all precious gems, and my heart is breaking already not knowing. God bless you and your horses! Don’t be rushed- ever.

22 07 2011

I know you arte hurting and Im so very sorry. Maybe you should share your pain with the rest of us. We can all share your sorrow and help each other heal.

22 07 2011
Lynn and Kathy

He was a beautiful soul – one we were grateful to get to know, at least a little. If not for your work, we would have never known him at all. He’s with spirits now, that will be with him forever. Remember, without you, he would have never been “given to us.”

Much love,
L, K and Molly

25 07 2011

Thank you all …

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