Bounce’s band

13 07 2011

First to arrive, last to leave the east pocket … Bounce’s band is still there. They have it – and the Sorrel Flats pond (east-pocket pond is dry) – all to themselves now, as far as I can tell. Storm’s band (Baylee and Tenaz) may still be back in the area, but they stayed out of my view both days.

I caught these handsome ponies about to head into the shade. Nice overnight – and a few sprinkles – but it gets hot fast, and the bugs are bad.

Baby girl Aurora watching me with daddy Bounce – mama Alegre uses son Whisper to shed some bugs.

This was not planned, just a random catch of the camera. 🙂 Those lighter specks against ‘Rora’s dark coat are gnats – mama’s tail is handy!

Family portrait – sleepy mama!

🙂 Bounce giving me the horse laugh – and keeping an eye on me to boot!

Daddy Bounce with son Whisper …

Whisper with mama Alegre. Alegre’s 3-year-old daughter, Gaia (her first foal, as far as I know), is with Cinch and Liberty. Two-year-old Whisper is still with mama and daddy and baby sister. Gaia was an excellent babysitter for baby brother, and he is now an excellent babysitter for his baby sister!




Baby Aurora 🙂



One response

17 07 2011
Karen Keene Day

I remember a photo you took of Bounce a long time ago. He was standing to the side , looking off into space. He looks today to still be like the majestic calm guy I saw in the earlier photo.
I love these closeups too, as well as the group photos. Again, thank you.

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