RIP Indy

14 07 2011

Hook’s band is missing two … At around a week old, Ember’s colt is likely missing permanently. 😦

The band is quite a distance from where they were last week. I have no idea what happened to the little guy … Twister’s no longer with the band, either, but I’m sure he’ll turn up.

It’s nature … it’s tougher when you’ve met them. Going with Teresa’s name suggestion, rest in peace, little Indy.



6 responses

15 07 2011
Linda Horn

Sad that a life with so much promise was cut short. Indy will be missed, but at least we can remember and celebrate him through your wonderful images.

16 07 2011

Makes me think of Joven, Chipeta’s first foal. He died around 2 weeks. With all of them, you wonder what happened, if they went quickly and painlessly. I hope so.

16 07 2011

Poor thing. I hate it when foals die, or when any of your horses die. I hope you find Twister soon!

16 07 2011

Me, too. I’m sure Twister will show up – maybe back with the boys. I saw Sundance – alone again – but not any of the young boys and/or Aspen.

16 07 2011
Lynn and Kathy

So sorry to hear about this little guy through your blog…we just heard of his birth just recently. We usually hear something via email. This is so sad but, not surprising. Just wish you had let us know without us having to read it here… Guess, there was no time, huh? 😦
L & K

17 07 2011

Lynn … I DID send you an email. Have forwarded it back to you.

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