Pinto foal

8 06 2011

More of Kiowa’s baby and the pinto band.

Kiowa and three of her babies: Newest baby, yearling Maiku and 4-year-old Reya (who seems to also have lost the foal I’m sure she was carrying). Her babies Milagro (2) and Spook (3) are out on their own this year.

Kiowa was on her foaling heat, and Copper (band stallion) was quite interested.

Copper, Kiowa, Reya and Maiku

Because of Kiowa in heat, the stallions were roiling, but it makes for a fun picture!



3 responses

8 06 2011

Wonderful photos! I can see the character of each horse in them! More calendar possiblilties :]

9 06 2011

Thanks! 🙂

10 06 2011
Pat Amthor

So excited to see the pinto baby as we saw momma when she was pregnant at the wild horse count. Great Pics! Love the stallion…look at that neck!!

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