Till dawn

19 05 2011

Pre-dawn is a truly lovely time of day. These photos were taken from about half an hour before dawn to just after, when the light was just kissing the trees in our corner of heaven.


Liberty gives Cinch an early morning nuzzle.

Pretty Gaia with Liberty

Luna’s band at one of the ponds. From left: Steeldust, Gideon, Alpha, Varoujan, Luna, Butch and Mouse.

Mama Luna and her boys. She’s actually drinking out of a puddle there. I’m not sure why she drank there rather than from the main part of the pond.

Love all their faces. Butch is looking at Comanche’s band, who are at the other side of the pond.

Mama Kestrel (Luna’s daughter), Juniper and Winona (Luna’s granddaughters!) get a drink at the pond.

Winona and Comanche

Comanche, watching Luna’s band.

Sweet Varoujan gives mama a nuzzle.

Off to graze.

Juniper and Kestrel

Good morning, beautiful girls!

Daddy, Juni and mama -dawn. You can’t miss that piece sticking out from his nostril … I’m not sure what he did there, but it does seem to be a piece of skin that he ripped somehow. Doesn’t seem to bother him for grazing or drinking. He’s looking at Grey/Traveler’s band.

Peaceful, beautiful, all right with the world. Out here … it’s easy to believe in everything that should be right with the world …

What more to say? šŸ™‚



3 responses

19 05 2011

All of these photos are amazing! I think the one by the pool should be a contestant for next year’s calendar :]

20 05 2011
Linda Horn

TJ, I wholeheartedly agree with Rochlia & Tracy! R&T: Which one by the pool? “Winona and Comanche” would be my choice. I also love “Luna’s band at one of the ponds”. Maybe a new header for the blog? But then I love the existing shot as well.

And “Good morning, beautiful girls!”, with lovely Kestrel’s dapples and Juniper’s highsteppin’. Too cute!

TJ, with so many of wonderful photos recently, next year’s calendar is bound to be stunning … just like the SCB horses. Thanks again for everything you do!

20 05 2011

LH-I meant the band at the pond, but I love all the photos! I’m actually both Rochlia and Tracy [Rochlia is my pen name, it comes from a fantasy language]. :]
Now I’m going to agree with you- Juniper’s trot is adorable!

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