Birthday catchup

19 05 2011

Still can’t get to the basin. Snow and rain and graupel, oh my! Moisture is good!

So it’s a good time to get caught up to a couple of youngsters whose birthdays have passed – not unnoticed but unremarked. To remedy!

Happy birthday, Pinon! May 13

Pinon is one I don’t often focus on, but he is a presence. His mother is Mahogany, and he and Ember (mother: Luna) are year mates – they’re 3 – and likely half-siblings (sire: Steeldust). Last winter, he stuck close to Ember, even as Hook began to stick close to Ember. At the time, Hook was a bachelor – and lowest bachelor on the shrinking Bachelor 7 totem pole. (Oddly, the highest ranking bachelor on that pole is the one still without his own band …) Eventually, Hook, Ember and Pinon split away from Steeldust’s band … then joined by Hannah … then joined by Sable. Ember’s little full sister is Hannah. Pinon’s little full sister is Sable. Are you following? Pinon has always been fairly low-key – a youngster. This spring, all that started to change. He’s now quite an aggressive mister. Hook has chased him, and every visit for weeks, I’ve expected to see Pinon in the ranks of bachelor boys, but it has not yet happened. On the day this photo was taken, Hollywood, Piedra and Briosa were in the area, as were Sundance – who had just been with Sage and Ze when I saw them from the east end of the valley. Sage and Ze wisely kept their distance. Pinon, though he’s not quite old enough, big enough and/or strong enough to take on Hollywood or Sundance (even a little wounded), it didn’t stop him from testing his mettle.

This must be what it’s like for a mama to realize her baby has grown up …

🙂 Do you recognize mama Mahogany and her foal’s “ahh, mom” look? That’s the little mister, just a wee coupla-few days old.

Just when DID he grow up into such a big strapping boy?!

He meant to snake Winona here, something Comanche immediately put a stop to in just a few more steps.

I couldn’t quite figure out why Mahogany looked different in this pic, then I realized – her mane is a lot shorter now.

Pinon and buddy Storm in September of their birth year. Though Storm was born two and a half months after Pinon, he caught up quickly.

Yearling Pinon

His sisters (Hannah, back, and Sable) adore him.

Maybe I’m so surprised to see him suddenly so aggressive in the protection of “his” band because he’s always been such a laid-back, easy-going guy.

Can’t deny he has grown up into a handsome boy!

Happy birthday, tall, dark and handsome boy!


Happy birthday, Cuatro! May 16

Young Mr. Cuatro was a surprise. He’s his mama’s firstborn, and she was just 2 when she had him. I had no idea she was even pregnant. I found him toward the end of the day – the day of that year’s 4CBCH wild horse count. So I asked the members if they’d name him – and they came up with Cuatro, in honor of his stockings and socks. His sire is either Grey/Traveler or Twister, who I’m sure is a son of Grey’s, so either way, this youngster is a descendant of basin royalty. Since he was about a yearling, he’s been out in the bachelor scene WITH Twister, so daddy-or-big-brother is showing him the ropes. Every now and then, they’re joined by elder Duke, so they have his good influence, too. 🙂

Cute little guy! He’s also Houdini’s grandson.

Flashy trot to match his flashy legs!

Showing off his love of snow.

He was a great big brother to Hayden.

You might remember this as “February” for the calendar.


Cuatro with little brother Rio … Rio’s daddy also could be either Twister or Grey/Traveler. Mama Two Boots was pregnant by the time Chrome stole her the previous fall.

Cuatro and Twister

Happy birthday, little prince!


Happy birthday, Rio! May 20

Rio’s birthday is tomorrow, but I’m on a roll, so I’m including him here – plus, as Cuatro’s brother, he fits right in!

Prince’s plume always says “spring” to me in the basin, and the little mister was born right in the heart of it.

Sweetheart – like all of them. 🙂

Flying effortlessly!

Mama’s little lovebug.

Horse as bird whisperer 🙂

Happy birthday, little spring wonder!



One response

19 05 2011
Lynn and Kathy

What can we say with these?! Beautiful, love everywhere – gorgeous babies that have grown to be simply, well, stunning, cute, strong and with such great individual personalities that your photos bring out like no others we’ve seen!! Especially love the “Bird Wisperer” 🙂

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