19 04 2011

My greatest joy is the time I spend with these amazing horses (I know, I use amazing a lot; if not amazing, incredible; if not incredible, wonderful … you get the idea). This time of year, there’s particular purpose behind my time: Documenting the foals born and the mares’ foaling dates. It all adds up to the store of knowledge I keep in notes and files … it all adds up to the increasing knowledge in my head, heart and soul that is added to every single time I visit them. I will never know all there is to know about them. I will never stop learning about them – soaking in all they have to teach me – and after a (relatively short) lifetime with horses, I soak up every beautiful lesson as if I were a child.

When I first spotted Bounce quite a distance away, Alegre and Whisper were out of sight. In fact, when Bounce turned and trotted farther away, sudden terror seized me that something was wrong. Alegre lost her foal last year – in May – and I’m not sure how quickly she bred back, so I’m not entirely sure when she might be due (as you’ll see, I think she’s probably on track for at least May again). But then he calmly allowed me to approach him, and Alegre and Whisper were completely fine. I said a little prayer of thanks … but it didn’t explain his odd (to me) behavior, though I have suspicions.

From our visit …

Alegre, I think, is a daughter of Alpha and Grey (Al(e)gre – get it? πŸ™‚ I pronounce it “ah-leg-gruh”). As gorgeous as both, more beautiful than either alone.

Whisper, of course, has no chance whatsoever …

Between gorgeous mama …

… and handsome daddy …

… he is quite doomed to be a knockout! πŸ™‚

Sister Gaia left this winter, so it’s just him, mama and daddy – until mama has her new little. He’ll be 2 in early May … he has amazed me lately at how tall and leggy he seems. Alegre has a bit of size to her, and I think he inherited that – daddy Bounce isn’t very tall!

You can’t see it under that long, thick forelock – that may be courtesy of daddy! – but it’s hiding a big-big star! (You can see a bit of it in the first photo of him above.)

Doesn’t she just make you sigh? With all the craziness and ugliness in the world – much of it human-caused – these horses teach us every day about treating each other with decency and kindness. Know everything about them?! I never will! I can only hope that I learn and learn and learn till the day I die! They are our teachers … not the other way around.

This might be my favorite photo of Bounce to date – and I love him so much I can hardly narrow that down! After incredibly, knowingly trusting me with Alegre and Whisper for quite a long while as they grazed and I enjoyed (that first pic is of him looking back to check on us – and he’s farther away than he appears), he decided to join us – and here he is with that jaunty step of his – tail up, mane waving, ears relaxed, in his home, part of his home … You can see just a hint of that … and I think that – knowing him so well, not knowing him nearly well enough – is what I love about it and him.

If I could bottle what they teach, I would give it freely away. It’s without any number-value estimation … and the world needs more of it. Hmm. The world HAS it – obviously! – whatever IT is, whatever THEY have that they so freely give (and some so rapaciously take and take) … The world just needs to recognize it more than we do.

Thank you and thank you and thank you and thank you …



3 responses

19 04 2011
Karen Schmiede

Thank you, Tj for taking these lovely pictures. Many of us would never get to see wild horses otherwise.

19 04 2011

wonderful post and pics TJ. I always look forward to your posts. You have such a way with words.

20 04 2011

Your blog is what keeps me horse-crazy! I don’t get to ride, or ever see wild horses on my own-as already said :]-so thanks so much! I love all these horses even though I’ve never met them. Bounce, Alegre, and Whisper are so beautiful, but then, so are all the other sweet horses!

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